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We love to share our patient’s successes. We’re happy to say these patients are living free from the pain that once plagued them. Sharing these stories with you gives us the chance to help others see the incredible healing power of chiropractic.
Happy Mom with Healthy Baby

Ethan’s Story

Many years ago, I received a call from a young mother regarding her three month-old son, Ethan. It was a blizzardy day here in Minnesota, and the mother was not able to leave her home to bring her son to see me. She asked whether I would mind stopping to see her on my way home.

When I arrived, she told me that her baby had not moved his bowels in over a week, and she was beginning to get very concerned.

As soon as I examined the infant, it was obvious to me that his spine was out of alignment, particularly his neck. Most likely, the misalignment occurred during the birth process. I told her I should be able to help “get him going” again without a problem.

I worked on his neck a bit, adjusted him gently and pushed on his lower abdomen to make sure everything was ok. After about five minutes, I gathered my things to leave and told the mother I would call when I got home, just to see how the baby was responding.

I made my way through the blizzard, arriving home about 20 minutes later. When I called the mother, she jokingly pleaded, “Can you get him to stop?!” In the short time since I’d left, the baby had been through six diapers.

More than two decades later, I still see the patient occasionally and we laugh about his first chiropractic experience.

Roger’s Story

Our patient Roger had come to us as a referral from a physical therapist. He had undergone surgery on both shoulders and was unable to raise his arms above shoulder height. During his surgery, the doctors had cut through his pectoral (chest) muscles, leaving him with visible scars.

I tried to raise his arms myself, but I also was unable to get them any higher than shoulder height. I decided to use acupuncture to try to address the pectoral muscles. I also adjusted him a bit and moved his shoulders around, trying to loosen the joints.

When I had finished, I asked him try to raise his arms above his head. And, he did…for the first time in a year.

Corey’s Story

Corey had suffered significant problems with his knees. He had been to an orthopedic surgeon who had taken X-rays but said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know what I can do about it.”

Frustrated, Corey gave us a call. He came in and I looked at his knees. I adjusted him using a Russian bonesetting technique. This is how we routinely adjust knees, putting gentle pressure on the tibia. When I had finished, I asked him to try to stand. He stood up without an issue and was able to walk around without pain.

Corey continues to visit us regularly for care. He’s doing great and so are his knees!

These are just a few of the memorable patient stories that have touched us and have reminded us of the joys of chiropractic. We hope they’ve inspired you as well. Don’t wait another minute to find the relief you need!

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