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Auto, Work & Sports Injuries Testimonials

They Really Care

“I started coming to Amesbarry Chiropractic a couple of years ago following an auto accident. The confidence that I felt from my very first visit was great, they knew exactly what I needed to get better. And it was so nice to be able to trust them with that because they are truly the experts. The entire staff is really personal and you immediately get the feeling that they really care about your health. Why wouldn’t you pick the best! Thank you so much Dr. Kris, Dr. Bob and staff at Amesbarry.”

Shannon C.

Hockey Injury – Low Back

Worker’s  Compensation Injuries

“I have had two very serious work related injuries to my lower back and each time the care that I received at Amesbarry Chiropractic allowed me to be able to return to my job without medication or surgery. If it were not for the entire staff at your office I don’t think that I would be able to continue working as an auto mechanic. Therefore my entire family thanks you for the excellent treatment!”

Kevin E.

Sports Injuries

“As a competitive endurance athlete in my upper 40’s, I have been known to hobble into Dr. Bob’s office with a variety of injuries, and he never fails to put me back together. His knowledge of treating sports related injuries is unsurpassed. He is very proactive in helping my body to recover as fast as possible, as well as helping me to return to my training as quickly as possible. I not only consider Dr. Bob as my chiropractor, but my trainer, coach and friend!”

Pete B.