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Amesbarry Chiropractic Testimonials

We love to hear the success stories from our patients and we would like to share them with you! You will find an assortment of testimonials for symptoms ranging from back pain to digestive issues in addition to learning about prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care! Check them out at the links below and call us if you have any questions!

  • Great at what they do.
    - Frank P.
  • Everything was great. Very impressed.
    -David S.
  • Dr. Bob takes the time to listen to my symptom before starting a treatment. Very skilled.
    - Dick D.
  • I was very satisfied with their service and will be back!
    - Carolyn P.
  • I have been going to Carol for massages for the last year for back and neck pain. I have a desk job and find that my neck and back are tight and sore. Carol knows how to address my issues. My pain is relieved! I look forward to monthly massage appointments. If you have chronic pain, I highly recommend Carol.
    -Stacy S.
  • Thank you for seeing me so quickly after my injury. I am confident that Dr. Bob will help me get better and I want to continue after I am better for maintenance.
    - Jolyn J.
  • Great to be back under Dr Kris’ care!
    - Mike G.
  • Absolutely incredible.
    - Andy B.
  • As a new patient I was made to feel very comfortable on the first visit. Everything was explained thoroughly.
    - Randy H.
  • Neely Whitham suggested this particular chiropractic office and as a friend I decided to visit. Best decision I have made. Staff was prompt and ready to help and the doctors were awesome! I will be back several times. Thank you!!!
    - Joe C.
  • Great first time appointment!
    - Kim B.
  • Friendly positive environment. Very helpful. Very courteous. Makes it fun to visit even though wish I didn’t need to….
    -Lynn N.
  • Receptionist is fabulous. Great customer service from both doctors and receptionist!
    - Kathy R.
  • Thank you for your help! It was really good to see Dr. Kris and Dr. Bob again after so many years. I am doing my exercises that Dr. Kris gave me, so I hope to be feeling better really soon. Thanks again.
    - Kathy S.
  • Extremely pleasant experience. Well run office. Everyone went out of their way to make sure all my questions were answered and that I fully understood the procedures.
    - Judy D.
  • I’ve been here about five years. Whenever anyone mentions chiropractors I tell them to come here.
    - Mike M.
  • I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor. Dr Bob relieved the stress as well as my back pain. He was very helpful in explaining things.
    - Kayla P.
  • Dr. Kris was very gentle, kind, and patient. I appreciate that he took time to explain everything he was doing.
    - Brittany C.
  • After my auto accident Amesbarry has helped me so much dealing with my injuries. I can’t thank them enough.
    -Heidi R.
  • Overall very helpful & pleasant experience. Thanks for the guidance on stretching techniques. The Acupuncture helped tame the pain in my shoulder. Thanks Dr. Kris.
    - Eric B.
  • I loved how kind people were and I appreciate the explaining of each action taken!
    - Deanna M.
  • Everyone here was exceptionally GREAT! I am going to recommend anyone I know to this location. I have never been pleased with any other chiropractor ever! The doctor was very nice and personable, he truly cares about your well being and making sure you’re happy when you leave.
    - Katlyne P.
  • Carol is an AMAZING massage therapist! I have been seeing her for a number of years! She does incredible work on my neck and after a car accident and frozen shoulder, I could finally move again!
    -Jenna H.
  • A very comfortable, professional, and friendly practice.
    - Katy B.
  • Both Dr. Bob and Dr. Kris are great. Dr. Bob takes such good care of me I could or would never see anyone else. Thanks!
    -Tim H.
  • For my first time ever going to a chiropractor, I was a bit worried, but the staff and doc were very nice and helpful. Dr. Bob was very knowledgeable and helpful at easing my worries. I’d recommend anyone to go here. 
    - Chris P.
  • Wow… What a pleasant welcome and a knowledgeable doctor not in a big rush…looking forward to the next visit!
    - Don H.
  • I already feel so much better thank you so much!
    - Hayat A.
  • Very professional, kind staff.
    -Becky C.
  • Great staff! And makes you feel very welcome.
    - Kristina M.
  • First time ever going to a chiropractor, so was a bit nervous. I felt relief after my first visit and felt great after my third. I highly recommend this clinic!
    -Sandy M.
  • I’m impressed with how much better I feel after just one visit.
    -Vicki M.
  • Dr Kris was terrific. He gave me great counsel and also did proper adjustments and treatment. I highly recommend Amesbarry Chiropractic
    - Bob T.
  • I have been getting regular massages from Carol for about a year and a half now in order to relieve my back and neck pain. I have an office job and it wasn’t until I started the massages that I can comfortably make it through a work day! I highly recommend Carol for anyone looking to relieve their pain.
    -Savanna B.
  • I was welcomed and felt comfortable on arriving. Dr. Bob was very kind and thorough. I felt very confident that he would be able to help me with my back issues.
    - Lisa C.
  • I’ve been using Amesbarry Chiropractic services for 24 + years. I have always received exactly what I needed to continue with my life pain free. I highly recommend Amesbarry for all chiropractic needs.
    - John C.
  • Very friendly staff. I felt welcomed as a new patient.
    -Cady D.
  • I’m thankful that I found this place. Everyone was so helpful and friendly! The services were wonderful.
    - Angelique H.
  • Dr. Ashton was very helpful and considerate. I have always been nervous about seeing a chiropractor but he made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Thanks so much! Everybody was very nice and helpful.
    - Heidi S.
  • Great staff. Great first impression.
    -Mark B.
  • I have been going to Carol for close to two years and have had great results. During this time of working from home, my regular massages have been even more Critical as my Homework station is not ideal. I have seen immediate improvement on my neck pain, upon receiving regular massages, once she was able to reopen after COVID closure.
    -Susan M .
  • Great experience. Will always refer my family and friends. My lower back feels great! Thanks again for the excellent care.
    -Matt K.
  • I am impressed. They are very considerate. Dr Bob explained all treatments and procedures so I could really understand.
    - Michelle M.
  • Everyone is very kind and helpful.
    - Melissa H.
  • The receptionist was friendly both on the phone and in person. They ran my insurance before my first appointment and we’re the ones to tell me what my benefits were. The chiropractor saw me right away, got x-rays and will treat me based on those. I am very happy!
    - Jessica P.
  • This place is amazing, already feeling better after one visit
    - Travis N.
  • You guys rock. Very pleasant receptionist and staff was more than willing to help schedule an “emergency” visit. Left feeling like a new man with some great pointers on how to prevent back and neck issues moving forward.
    - Justin C.
  • My first visit was definitely above my expectations. I look forward to many more!
    - Pam M.
  • I was very impressed and I will definitely be back and recommend your business to others!
    - Pam D.
  • I felt like the doctor fully listened to me as i explained what was hurting. I appreciated the explanation of what was wrong and ways to improve. I also appreciated not feeling the pressure to come back multiple times a week, yet being flexible with what works for my schedule.
    - Brenda N.
  • First time at a chiropractor! I left feeling awesome! Excited for my next visit! Everyone was nice and helpful. Already told my friends and family about my good experience..thank you!!
    - Venesha B.
  • Dr. Bob is friendly and so nice!!
    - Dean D.
  • Carol is a great Massage Therapist I felt so relaxed & refreshed after her Massage. I have seen Carol for many years. Carol knows how much pressure to use I will always continue to see her. It heals me.
    -Jane W.
  • I should not have waited so long to go in. Instant relief!
    - Steve S.
  • Dr. Bob gave me one of the most complete adjustments I have ever had and I have been going to various chiropractors for over 30 years. Dr. Bob RULES!
    - Roy W.

Made Me Feel Incredibly Comfortable Right From the Start

I really felt much better after the visit (not immediately but after an hour I felt a noticeable difference). I was barely able to do certain movements upon entering the clinic and now I can feel things have been freed up. Dr. Kris thoroughly explained my situation and gave me exercises to work on at home as well as doing a great job of making the in-office adjustments. He was personable, articulate, funny and a really good guy that made me feel incredibly comfortable right from the start. I admit that I was doubtful at first of any help, but I'm now a believer! THANK YOU DR. KRIS!!!

John H.

Great Experience!

Neely was great when I first spoke to her on the phone and then coming into the office. She was detail specific and very friendly. Doctor Bob made me feel very comfortable. He was very good at explaining the procedures that he would be doing and talking me through every adjustment and movement. I knew being referred here that I would have a good experience, but after visiting today, I had a great experience and would recommend Amesbarry to others.

Paige L.

Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else!

I have actually been a patient of Dr. Bob and Dr. Kris for over 7 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Professional, caring and most of all I trust them. I have recommended many of my friends and they continue to go to Amesbarry. If you have pain, then stop wasting time reading these reviews and get yourself over to see Dr. Bob and Dr. Chris and start feeling better. Always my first call and always feel better when I leave.

Alex B.

For Over 20 Years!

I have been treated by Dr. Kris Huber and Dr. Bob Ashton for over twenty years. When I first began treatment with them, I was suffering from headaches so severe that it was difficult for me to work. My headaches disappeared and my life returned to normal. I have continued with them regularly and have and have benefited from their care enormously. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Ramona M.

Feel Better And Be Healthier!

"I'm a long time Amesbarry Chiropractic patient and have been treating there since 2008. Both doctors are wonderful healers and they employ wonderful staff. I would recommend them to anybody who is looking to feel better and be healthier."

Elizabeth P.

Amazed at the difference!

"I have seen many chiropractors in my lifetime so of course making a switch to a new one is always difficult. From the first visit to Amesbarry Chiropractic I was quite surprised. Not only did I receive the most thorough examination, but he was the first one to ever adjust my shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles as well as my spine. For me, it opened my eyes as to how much more a chiropractor can help your own body by healing naturally. Love Dr. Bob, Dr. Kris and the entire staff!"

Jackie H.

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