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Testimonials for More Conditions

Very Great Atmosphere!

When I showed up I was greeted right away, took care of ins info and paperwork and got in right away. Everyone was very friendly and cheerful. Very great atmosphere! Saw Dr. Kris and he is great! Very thorough and personable. Won’t have a problem referring anyone to this office and specifically Dr. Kris!

Carrie H.

Thankful For Dr. Bob!

I am starting to feel better for the first time in several years! I am very thankful for Dr. Bob!

Jenny S.

Feeling Better!

I cannot believe in 2 visits how much better I feel. (90%). I am committed to coming in regularly, following the exercises I have been given, and feel that I will be back to 100% in a very short amount of time.

Missy N.


After surgery, I allowed myself to become sedentary which lead to stiffness, aches and low energy. After just one week I have a greater range of motion, much less stiffness and more energy. My experience at Amesbarry has been excellent. Thank you!

Nancy G.

Fantastic Job!

I thought Dr. Bob did a fantastic job at asking what I felt was wrong and doing a thorough check on everything before setting my lower back into place. Will definitely go back in the future if I need a back problem looked at. Thanks again.

Chuck N.

Neuropathy Gone with acupuncture!

“My name is Ruth and I was having neuropathy in my feet from cancer treatments I was receiving. I found Dr. Kris Huber at Amesbarry Chiropractic online and set up my appointment.

After only one acupuncture treatment my neuropathy was gone after a day or two! I came in for a few visits and I haven’t had any symptoms since then.

Thank you Dr. Kris!”

Ruth S.


Limped in with a cane – walked out without it!

“I was on prescription pain medications and had to use a cane to walk. I was having Hip and Knee pain, it was difficult to walk.

After just one treatment at Amesbarry Chiropractic the pain was drastically reduced. I walked out that day without the cane I came in with. Subsequent treatments over a few weeks eliminated the pain entirely!”

Ronald W.

Jaw Pain and Feeling Sluggish

“I was having right jaw pain where I could hardly open my mouth with excessive swelling and right ear pain. My energy was dragging and I was feeling sluggish. I thought I would try making a chiropractic appointment.

Within 3-4 hours after my neck adjustment the swelling went down in my jaw, my energy level came back; I could open my mouth again. Within 6 hours I could eat on that side of my mouth; after 2 adjustments I was completely pain free and extremely grateful!

Now, the first sign of jaw pain I come back to the chiropractor.”

Mary M.


“At times I have had such unbearable levels of pain, today I had tears of gratefulness because I realized how blessed I have been to receive such good care and to be pain free. Amesbarry Chiropractic has been “putting me back together” for 20 years now.

Amesbarry Chiropractic has always made sure to fit me if even if I just drop in with no appointment. They never turn anyone away.

Dr. Kris and Dr. Bob are two fine doctors and fine individual gentlemen; I can’t thank you enough for everything.”

Paul I.

Digestive Issues Gone!

I wondered what I had eaten differently since I ALWAYS have “those” issues by early afternoon/evening. I have been too embarrassed to talk to any health care provider about my GI troubles, so it was never mentioned to Dr. Kris or Dr. Bob. I was poking around on the internet trying to learn more about acupuncture and brain fog treatment. I was stunned to learn that one of the spots on my hand where Dr. Kris put a needle was directly related to the intestine. It gave me the relief I wanted but hadn’t even asked for! I was beyond pleasantly surprised and would recommend acupuncture treatment for anyone else having digestive issues.”

Loyal Patient