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Headache Relief Testimonials

Lesson Learned

“I originally came in for a shoulder problem. Headaches came up during my initial exam. I didn’t know chiropractic could help headaches.

I received adjustments and acupuncture for my shoulder pain and headaches, all my pain went away. Due to my daily routine, Dr. Kris recommended I continue care to keep my headaches away. Because I “felt good,” I stopped coming for 2 months…..my pain came back with bad headaches.

Now I follow Dr. Kris’ recommendations and come every 2 weeks. I am pain and headache free!”

Chad W.

Severe Headaches

Light and Noise Not My Friend!

“I was suffering daily from chronic migraines. It was to the point where I had a hard time even going to work; light and noise were not my friend!

I started seeing Dr. Kris for hip and back pain after a car accident. I didn’t know chiropractic could help migraines. Dr. Kris adjusts me and does acupuncture. Through his great work he was able to get my migraines to stop! It has been years now since I have had a headache of that magnitude.

I come one time per week when I can to keep the headaches away. When I walk or call in the last minute, the always make sure they fit me in.”

Heather H.

Debilitating Migraines GONE!

Not able to speak or communicate except through 1. Smiling 2. Winking and 3. Taking pictures, I was sent home because they didn’t have any answers except that I was well enough to go home. I visited a neurologist ONE TIME! He let us go from his office after 6 minutes and didn’t listen to our concerns or questions. My uncle referred us to Amesbarry Chiropractic. On my first visits I was not able to speak full sentences. Within a few months of chiropractic treatment I was able to speak again. My migraines lessened and eventually went away. Dr. Bob and Dr. Kris listened to my story. They got to know me and my family. They helped me figure out my “triggers” so I wouldn’t have to come back as often. Of course they enjoy seeing their patients BUT their ultimate goal is complete health – getting our bodies back to the natural state – HEALTH! I tell anyone and everyone who will listen that Amesbarry Chiropractic had a HUGE role in saving my life, not only physically but emotionally. When my body is feeling off – the first thing I do is walk into Ames Chiro and they get me back on track!”


Suzy W

Saved My Job!

“I have been treated by Dr. Kris Huber and Dr. Bob Ashton for over twenty years. When I first began treatment with them, I was suffering from headaches so severe that it was difficult for me to work. I truly believe my job was saved by the care I received at Amesbarry Chiropractic. My headaches disappeared and my life returned to normal. I have continued with them regularly and have and have benefited from their care enormously. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Ramona M.