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Extremity Pain Testimonials

Improved Movement

“I have been coming to see Dr. Kris Huber for my back, shoulder and knee problems for 15 years as needed. His excellent methods of chiropractic skills have helped me to move without discomfort and pain.

He has not only helped me get out of pain but has been a great source with exercise and stretches. He has given me methods to help improve my body movement.”

Patricia L.

Shooting Leg and Back Pain

Neck Pain & Knee Pain

Hip and Leg Pain

Limped in, walked out!

“I have been going to Amesbarry Chiropractic since 2009.

I was unable to walk up stairs without extreme pain in my knees. I had been to other chiropractors who never adjusted my knees. I actually had to crawl up the stairs the pain was so bad. After just a few adjustments to my spine and knees by Dr. Kris, the pain was gone.

I also come in for upper neck and lower back pain. Before many of my adjustments, Dr. Kris has used acupuncture to allow my body to relax. I will admit it was a little scary at first, but after having it done I am a total believer in acupuncture. It is a great addition to my chiropractic care.

Thank you Amesbarry Chiropractic!”

Corey T.

Foot Pain and Itching Sensation

“Before coming to Dr. Kris, I could hardly walk due to low back pain and I would experience bouts of intense itchy feet due to nerve impingement. Since I have been getting treatment my feet issues are very rare and my low back pain has virtually ceased allowing me more mobility and movement.

I highly recommend both Dr. Kris and Dr. Bob for any health issues; they are very effective in their treatments.”

Bridgette B.

Restless Leg Syndrome No More!

I have been seeing him for multiple reasons, but his treatment of my restless leg syndrome has been the most remarkable. I have been suffering with RLS since my early teens. His treatment of acupuncture and chiropractic has left me with virtually no RLS at all. I wish I knew this was possible 30 years ago. Thank you Dr. Kris!”

Andrea L.

Changed Chiropractors

“I had hip and leg pain which brought me to chiropractic. I had seen other chiropractors for about a year and wasn’t getting any better. I came to Amesbarry Chiropractic hoping to get results. When I leave here, I feel so much better. I don’t have the steady pain in my hip and leg. Also Dr. Kris has taught me what I can do at home to stay healthy and come less often. I would recommend Dr. Kris Huber to anyone that needs chiropractic. He is so gentle and explains everything so clearly. Thank you Dr. Kris.”

Lucille S.